WORKSHEETS - zum Lernen W
TEXTS - zum Lesen T
SONG TEXTS - zum Erarbeiten S
FILM TEXTS - zum Verstehen F
VOCABULARY - zum Pauken V
TIME OUT ZONE - zum Verschnaufen Z
EXAMS - zum Testen E
MISC - zum Wühlen M


W103Come to the hospital
W104sHe, she, it - das -s muss mit
W105A Letter
W105aA Letter from England
W106bAt the Black Bull
W106cFrench Cuisine
W106pA Parrot for Christmas
W106rOn the Road
W106sBilly goes shopping
W107The man and the snake
W108I have a fast car. She has an old bike.
W109He's from Britain. He speaks English.
W110The ABC
W112Numbers and counting - Zahlen und zählen
W112nDreaming Of Numbers
W115Belinda, Bob and Brian
W116Go home! - Orders
W117Today I stay at home
W118Why doesn't he come?
W120No, I don't... - Verneinung
W120bVerneinung: Make the sentences negative
W120cVerneinung - Translation
W122I don't drink whisky. - But I do.
W125bHugo is waiting for the bus
W125cGo away from here!
W125dHugo sees the doctor
W125fThe rocket man
W125iHugo Buys An Ice Cream
W125lHugo writes a letter
W125nDon't shoot your neighbour...
W125oDown the river
W125pPower Wash
W125qHugo is fond of books
W125rHugo, it's going to rain!
W125tHugo keeps his home tidy
W125uFriday the 13th - an unlucky day
W125vHugo and his Vacuum Cleaner
W125wHugo and the Wasp
W127fA Fishing Trip to Spain
W127wOn Their Way Home
W128pParty People
W129Why is grass green?
W130Questions (1) - Fragen
W130aQuestions (2) - Fragen
W130bQuestions (3) - Fragen
W130cMore Questions
W130dQuestions again
W150Present Contiuous tense - Progressiv-Form
W150aSimple present and Present continuous tense
W150breading - writing - running (ing-Form)
W160The Crash
W175SOME and ANY
W175aSOME and ANY - Exercises
W185Comparison of Adjectives (1) - Vergleich
W185aComparison (2) - Vergleichen
W185abComparison - Formen, Übung
W185bComparison (3) - Vergleich Adjektiv und Nomen
W185cComparison (4) - Vergleichen
W185caComparison (5) - Revision
W185rRecords - the superlative
W195The Future - Zukunft mit "will" und "going to"
W205A Car Race
W207uThe UFO
W208To be or not to be... - Translate
W210aImportant STRONG VERBS (kleine Liste)
W210bStrong Verbs - Practise
W211aEighteen Sentences - Strong Verbs (BE to DRIVE)
W211bNineteen Sentences - Strong Verbs (EAT to HURT)
W211cTwenty Sentences - Strong Verbs (KEEP to SELL)
W211dTwenty-one Sentences (SEND to WRITE)
W213Tenses: Present - Present cont. - Past - Perfect
W215The Invention of Coca Cola
W230Past continuous - ing-Form der Vergangenheit
W231A Horror Scene
W232A Visit from Outer Space
W235Little Johnny
W240mA Misunderstanding
W245The Tenses - Zeiten
W245aThe Tenses - Again!
W251A Mexican Night (circular story)
W288I'm a twin. - So am I.
W380Past and Perfect - Gebrauch der Vergangenheit
W380aPast and Perfect - Gebrauch der Vergangenheit
W380bPast and Perfect - since and for
W380cPast and Perfect - Zeitangaben
W380dPast and Perfect - Translate
W380pPoints of Past Tense
W382Four Different Careers
W391If you work harder...
W410Commas (1)
W410aCommas (2)
W420Reported Speech - indirekte Rede
W425The Passive - das Passiv

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